Don't miss a deadline with the College Application Planner

How the College App Planner Works

Quickly get started with your custom College List

The hardest part of getting started on your college applications is the ability to build a proper college list. The College Application Planner will take into account you full profile which includes your grades, test scores, and more. Using this information, it will build a custom college list for you with reach, target, and safety colleges.

Never miss a supplement

Keeping track of all of the supplements for each college can often be quite hard. Don't miss a deadline because the College Application Planner will put together all of these supplements into a page where you can see all of the essays for each college and work on them right there!

Plan your essays and make time for them

Knowing which colleges are the right for Early Action, Regular Decision, and Early Decision can be really confusing. The College Application Planner will determine all of these for you based off of your college list and then it will plan out a proper time to work on your essays based on how many you have and when you want to start working on your college essays